Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Chienne d'Histoire (Barking Island) - Serge Avédikian-2010

A great film.
The English translation, “barking island,” fails to capture the meaning of the original French, literally “dog of history.”

Synopsis: Constantinople, 1910. Too many stray dogs in the city streets. The newly established government, influenced by the model of Western society, tries to find out from European experts how to get rid of them before deciding, alone, to deport thirty thousand dogs to a deserted island off the coast of the city.

Director of the film: "Of course, the hidden meaning of the film is the Armenian Genocide" - said Avedikian during his last visit to Armenia. "And we can not forget that the same Young Turks organized, and committed horrific murder of 30,000 Armenians in 1909 alone," - added the director.

Palme d'Or - Short Film, 2010

Title:Barking Island
Original title:Chienne d'histoire
Director - Scenario:Serge Avedikyan
Paintings: Thomas Azuélos
Composer:Michelle Kars
Translation:Not required

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