Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Thomas Beale Cipher - Andrew S Allen (2010)

The Thomas Beale Cipher from Andrew S Allen on Vimeo.

Based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code.

The film contains 16 hidden messages that hold clues to the characters' secrets. Eight are fairly easy requiring only a close eye. Six are moderately difficult using various encryption methods. Two are extremely difficult requiring a genius mind to decrypt.

"The film uses a unique style of rotoscoping to build a flat, graphic, world that that I have yet to see elsewhere. Based on a true legend of the most difficult cipher ever created, the 10 minute film centers on Professor White, cryptographer extraordinaire, who is on the trail of the notoriously uncrackable Thomas Beale cipher—a century-old riddle hiding the location of a fortune in gold that has tormented its pursuers since inception. But White is not alone—shadowy forces are tight on his tail".

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