Thursday, June 17, 2010

Delivery -Till Nowak. (2005)

Delivery is an animated shortfilm written and produced by Till Nowak. The fantastic story about
an old man and the mysterious box has been screened at more than 150 filmfestivals worldwide
and won more than 30 international awards. "Delivery" is now also available on DVD.  

In a grey, industrial and uninhabited future, an old man lovingly waters a flower, perhaps the last flower to exist. In his home, across from a factory spewing gas, noise and bad vibrations, the vision of which constantly reminds him that the world isn‘t what it was, the man caringly tends the flower because he knows it‘s his last hope. Unexpectedly, he receives a surprising package that could change the world, at least his world, and perhaps a little more. A surrealistic fable on the world to come, the portrayal of a corrupt society infested by machines, that has forgotten the human being, a future in which there is still place for hope: flowers can grow again.

Director: Till Nowak
Running time:9 min

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